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1  A suitable grade is acid-washed Celite 545, available from Johns-Manville Corp., 22 East 40th St., New York, NY 10016.
2  Available as YMC-Pack PVA-SIL manufactured by YMC Co., Ltd. and distributed by Waters Corp. (www.waters.com).
3  Available as TSKgel G4000 SWXL from Tosoh Biosep (www.tosohbiosep.com).
4  Available as CarboPac MA1 and distributed by Dionex Corp. (www.dionex.com).
5  Available as Zirchrom PBD, manufactured by ZirChrom Separations, Inc., distributed by Alltech, www.Alltechweb.com.
6  Available as OmniPac PAX-500 and distributed by Dionex Corp. (www.dionex.com).
7  Available as Chiralpak AD from Chiral Technologies, Inc., (www.chiraltech.com).
8  Available as TSK IC SW Cation from Tosoh Biosep (www.tosohbiosep.com).
9  Available as IonPac CS14 distributed by Dionex Corp. (www.dionex.com).
10  Available as Superdex Peptide HR 10/30 from Amersham Pharmacia Biotech (www.amershambiosciences.com).
11  Available as IC-Pak C M/D from Waters Corp. (www.waters.com).
12  Available as Zorbax SB-C3 from Agilent Technologies (www.agilent.com/chem).
13  Available as Aminex HPX-87N from Bio-Rad Laboratories, (2000/01 catalog, #125-0143) (www.bio-rad.com).
14  Available as TSKgel G3000SW Column (analytical column) and TSKgel Guard (guard column) from Tosoh Biosep (part numbers 05789 and 05371, respectively). (www.tosohbiosep.com)
15  Available as Supelcosil ABZ from Supelco. (www.sigma-aldrich.com/supelco)
16  Available as Ion Pac AS 11 and Ag 11 from Dionex (www.dionex.com).
17  A suitable grade is available commercially as “SP2100/0.1% Carbowax 1500” from Supelco, Inc., (www.sigma-aldrich.com/supelco).
18  A suitable grade is available commercially as “Optima Delta 3” from Machery-Nagel, Inc., 215 River Vale Road, River Vale, NJ 07675.
19  Unless otherwise specified in the individual monograph, silanized support is intended.
20  Commercially available as SP1500 on Carbopack B from Supelco.