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Powders are intimate mixtures of dry, finely divided drugs and/or chemicals that may be intended for internal (Oral Powders) or external (Topical Powders) use. Because of their greater specific surface area, powders disperse and dissolve more readily than compacted dosage forms. Children and those adults who experience difficulty in swallowing tablets or capsules may find powders more acceptable. Drugs that are too bulky to be formed into tablets or capsules of convenient size may be administered as powders. Immediately prior to use, oral powders are mixed in a beverage or apple sauce.
Often, stability problems encountered in liquid dosage forms are avoided in powdered dosage forms. Drugs that are unstable in aqueous suspensions or solutions may be prepared in the form of granules or powders. These are intended to be constituted by the pharmacist by the addition of a specified quantity of water just prior to dispensing. Because these constituted products have limited stability, they are required to have a specified expiration date after constitution and may require storage in a refrigerator.
Oral powders may be dispensed in doses premeasured by the pharmacist, i.e., divided powders, or in bulk. Traditionally, divided powders have been wrapped in materials such as bond paper and parchment. However, the pharmacist may provide greater protection from the environment by sealing individual doses in small cellophane or polyethylene envelopes.
Granules for veterinary use may be administered by sprinkling the dry powder on animal feed or by mixing it with animal food.
Bulk oral powders are limited to relatively nonpotent drugs such as laxatives, antacids, dietary supplements, and certain analgesics that the patient may safely measure by the teaspoonful or capful. Other bulky powders include douche powders, tooth powders, and dusting powders. Bulk powders are best dispensed in tight, wide-mouth glass containers to afford maximum protection from the atmosphere and to prevent the loss of volatile constituents.
Dusting powders are impalpable powders intended for topical application. They may be dispensed in sifter-top containers to facilitate dusting onto the skin. In general, dusting powders should be passed through at least a 100-mesh sieve to assure freedom from grit that could irritate traumatized areas (see Powder Fineness 811).