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Extracts are concentrated preparations of vegetable or animal drugs obtained by removal of the active constituents of the respective drugs with suitable menstrua, by evaporation of all or nearly all of the solvent, and by adjustment of the residual masses or powders to the prescribed standards.
In the manufacture of most extracts, the drugs are extracted by percolation. The entire percolates are concentrated, generally by distillation under reduced pressure in order to subject the drug principles to as little heat as possible.
Fluidextracts are liquid preparations of vegetable drugs, containing alcohol as a solvent or as a preservative, or both, and so made that, unless otherwise specified in an individual monograph, each mL contains the therapeutic constituents of 1 g of the standard drug that it represents.
A fluidextract that tends to deposit sediment may be aged and filtered or the clear portion decanted, provided the resulting clear liquid conforms to the Pharmacopeial standards.
Fluidextracts may be prepared from suitable extracts.